Time on the Hook

It was a hard decision but instead of heading to the Bahamas this year we decide to hang back and get some work done on the boat.  It’s always a work I progress if you ask me.  When the boat was hauled we thought we had everything in tip top shape but as we traveled down the coast from Boston to Key West we had a few problems with a couple systems.

First issue was our Village Watermaker.  We have owned the boat for 3 years and never used it.  We had ordered all the necessary parts but just never installed them or installed them.  So we had a new main filter and 3 membranes.  The major problem was neither of us had ever used a watermaker and had no idea how to set it up or how to use it.  Thank Gof for Captain Don McCarty. With his help I was able to get the necessary missing hoses that should be attached at the end of each membrane for the product water to flow into the tanks. I had to also replace the hose coming from the high pressure pump to the first membrane.  That had to be mad…

Time for new scenery!!

The great thing about traveling or living in a boat like a Nordhavn is you can just move it when you tire of the surroundings!!  No packing of bags, boxes and moving trucks.  Just make sure you are stocked with groceries, have full water tanks and of course a bit of fuel.  With a Nordhavn like ours we can travel at least 2700 miles on full fuel tanks so moving the boat has almost unlimited options!! It just may take one or more fuel stops.  Circumnavigation of this beautiful earth has been accomplished by many a Nordhavn.  That’s what they are made for.  Travel. Travel and more travel.

Today we can dream of that Atlantic Crossing but we are only headed 49.5 nautical miles up the chain of the Florida Keys.    No need to take on $4.00 a gallon diesel.  We filled up in Massachusetts when we departed in November and only used 700 gallons to make it to American Custom Yachts in Stuart.  We topped the tanks off there as the diesel was only$2.60- gallon.  Now like Dr Seuss the places we ca…

A day in the life on the Java

So what do you do all day on the boat in Key West??? Well some days a lot gets done and other days are spent wasted in Margaritaville.  Not wasted in the over consumption of alcoholic beverages(well, maybe one or two) but just some days you just don’t do anything and that is acceptable when you live life on a boat.

Yesterday was the kind of day I dislike.  We have been trying to figure out the water maker on the Java.  We have never used it but we’re thinking of heading to the Bahamas and if you want to anchor in the beautiful waters off of the Exumas Islands you need to have some source to get water.  Water is scarce on the islands and they charge for it.  Some places charge 40-60 cents a gallon and that’s if you can find a place to fill your tanks up.  So we set our sights on getting the old boy running

If you have any experience with water makers then you are way ahead of me!!!  I went down into the lazarette to just see what went where and if I could follow the water onto the bo…

Where the beautiful people (boats) are.

This has been our plan since September ( well almost)!! With a child still in college we still have responsibilities at home.  Well on our case it’s a bit different.  We left Plymouth, MA on November 15, 2018.  Plans were to head directly to the keys find a safe place to leave the boat over Christmas then return once our youngest set off on his semester at sea at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  Obviously sea water flows through our veins as this is my 3rd son to choose a Maritime Academy over a traditional College.

But you know what they say about the best laid plans, right?  As from my previous posts you see that we ran into problems right after we left Plymouth.  The weather did not cooperate.  6-8 ft waves coming through Long Island Sound.  It’s amazing the difference between 6-8 ft waves in a Nordhavn and 6-8 ft. Waves in the old Hatteras Motor Yacht.  We also had to replace the alternator on the generator in Beaufort, NC holding us up waiting for the part.  Then as we neared F…

What else is there to do in Key West besides drinking???

I remember coming to Key West in my early 20’s .  No, I’m not going to say how many years ago that was!!! Back then I was on Duval Street everynight and spent each day sleeping it off by the pool or the beach.  Spending time in Key West now involves lots of healthy walking, swimming and the cleaning of the boat.  Yes, there are still the crazies that roam Duval Street and I’m sure they don’t feel great in the morning.

My days here start with an early trip to the Key West Fitness Center.  Great way to start my day and they have daily, weekly and monthly memberships available.  Then back to the boat to make breakfast for my husband.  As you can imagine there are endless projects of you live even part time on a boat.  I try to steer clear of my husbands daily project but he occasionally ropes me in.  When I help him out I consider myself a runner. As in runner I mean “Trish will you run and get me this, Trish will you run and get me that”.

I have a couple folding bikes on the Java so I’…

Nordhavn Owners are the best!!

It seems that wherever we go we meet other Nordhvn Owner’s.  They have got to be the most friendly and hospitable group of people around. I myself love to brainstorm with someone who has more knowledge than I.  It is a great way to double check courses to your next destination if they have prior experience making that trip.  There is just an amazing amount of knowledge out there for Nordhavn Owner’s.  The google group is another excellent way to get what I may think is a dumb question I have answered.   I love to learn from those who have already done what I am planning!!

So with our next leg being a trip to the Exumas I have been racking the brain Of Captain Don from Mondai Nai.  They too will be heading that way and I look forward to seeing them over there. Fantastic couple I never would have met except for the fact that I also own a Nordhavn!!!

Key West!!!

Our plans are to stay in Key West until February 14,  2019.  Our youngest son attends Massachusetts Maritime Academy and he is on their training ship cruising the Caribbean and learning on a semester at sea.  His ship, the TS Kennedy will be docking in Miami for the weeekend of Feb15-17 and we plan on meeting him for the Miami Boat Show.   We were lucky enough to find a slip for the weekend so he can have a home cooked meal and a little down time.  Have to thank Dave Balfour for giving me the name of the marina that made room for us(Miami Beach Marina).  As you can imagine almost every available slip in Miami has been reserved. With our son’a School we didn’t have the dates of his Liberty until early January.

We have met new friends here in Key West.  It’s really amazing what a tight knit community Nordhvn Owner’s are.  While lounging on the couch one of the first days at the dock I heard a knock on the side of the boat.  It was Don and Deb McCarty of Mondai Nai, a beautiful N55.  T…