What else is there to do in Key West besides drinking???

I remember coming to Key West in my early 20’s .  No, I’m not going to say how many years ago that was!!! Back then I was on Duval Street everynight and spent each day sleeping it off by the pool or the beach.  Spending time in Key West now involves lots of healthy walking, swimming and the cleaning of the boat.  Yes, there are still the crazies that roam Duval Street and I’m sure they don’t feel great in the morning.

My days here start with an early trip to the Key West Fitness Center.  Great way to start my day and they have daily, weekly and monthly memberships available.  Then back to the boat to make breakfast for my husband.  As you can imagine there are endless projects of you live even part time on a boat.  I try to steer clear of my husbands daily project but he occasionally ropes me in.  When I help him out I consider myself a runner. As in runner I mean “Trish will you run and get me this, Trish will you run and get me that”.

I have a couple folding bikes on the Java so I’v…

Nordhavn Owners are the best!!

It seems that wherever we go we meet other Nordhvn Owner’s.  They have got to be the most friendly and hospitable group of people around. I myself love to brainstorm with someone who has more knowledge than I.  It is a great way to double check courses to your next destination if they have prior experience making that trip.  There is just an amazing amount of knowledge out there for Nordhavn Owner’s.  The google group is another excellent way to get what I may think is a dumb question I have answered.   I love to learn from those who have already done what I am planning!!

So with our next leg being a trip to the Exumas I have been racking the brain Of Captain Don from Mondai Nai.  They too will be heading that way and I look forward to seeing them over there. Fantastic couple I never would have met except for the fact that I also own a Nordhavn!!!

Key West!!!

Our plans are to stay in Key West until February 14,  2019.  Our youngest son attends Massachusetts Maritime Academy and he is on their training ship cruising the Caribbean and learning on a semester at sea.  His ship, the TS Kennedy will be docking in Miami for the weeekend of Feb15-17 and we plan on meeting him for the Miami Boat Show.   We were lucky enough to find a slip for the weekend so he can have a home cooked meal and a little down time.  Have to thank Dave Balfour for giving me the name of the marina that made room for us(Miami Beach Marina).  As you can imagine almost every available slip in Miami has been reserved. With our son’a School we didn’t have the dates of his Liberty until early January.

We have met new friends here in Key West.  It’s really amazing what a tight knit community Nordhvn Owner’s are.  While lounging on the couch one of the first days at the dock I heard a knock on the side of the boat.  It was Don and Deb McCarty of Mondai Nai, a beautiful N55.  T…

Back in the water

We we’re finally launched again after all the Christmas festivities at home, the New Year and of course our granddaughter Lilly’s 7th Birthday!!  American Custom Yachts did all the work on the cracked housing the shaft and had the prop reconditioned.  Work that hadn’t been done in awhile if the logs are to be true.  If I had foresight I should have had the boat compounded but that will have to wait till.

We departed American Custom Yachts on the Saint Lucie River on Friday January 18, 2019.  The River does not have much of a depth so with full fuel tanks and a stocked boat we made sure we left just prior to high tide so that we could make it out the east end of the River into the crossroads and out the St. Lucie Inlet.  Which despite what I had read had plenty of water in it at a tad less than high tide.  With the speed or maybe lack of it the whole trip down and out of St. Lucie took us over 2 hours.

We headed south with thoughts of Key West dancing in our heads.  We had an amazing w…

Java ready for winter cruising

Well the repairs seem to be completed on the Java and our youngest is ready to embark on his first seaterm at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  While he will be traveling to the sounther part of the Caribbean we will venture first to Key West with a rendezvous planned in Miami with my son’s ship.

    All the provisions needed from home have been sent ahead to the boat.  Monday can’t come quick enough!!!!

Finally Open Waters

November 18, 2018

We finally are on our last leg of our journey south!!! Departing Beaufort at 1600 hours. The weather forecast is for calm seas for the next three days. 
Our course gives us an ETA of 1400 hours to Fort Pierce Inlet.  We start our watch schedule with 3 of us taking 4 hour watches.  The first night was very uneventful but God  am I happy i’m Out on the wide open sea.  I love the feeling of cruising out there.  I read once :Consciousness is like a vast infinite ocean of peace and stillness that underlies everything in existence.  The feeling I get when I’m at watch and the vast ocean is around me astounds me.  It just gives you such a feeling of peacefulness.  The wide open sea reminds you of those who had sailed these seas for hundreds of years.  Just the enormity of what is in front of me.  I learned to love the sea early in my life.  My father passed his love of the sea onto me. He served in the Navy in World War 2 and though he n…

Stuck in Beaufort, NC

November 16, 2018

We make it to Beaufort, NC and weather reports give us a great window to head south off the coast "but"!!! Yes, there is always a "but" when you are planning a trip on a boat

This but involves our inverter.  We have two and before departing Massachusetts we were told one of our inverters was "junk".    We could have postponed and replaced the "junk" inverter but decided to go with the second inverter.  As we traveled further south we realized the second inverter just wasn't doing it's job.  Constant care had to be given as to not drain our brand new batteries.

As luck would have it.  Yes,  we did have a little luck on our side.  We had met a mechanic on our trip south in 2016 that was amazingly talented. His name is Brooks Heyland  (252) 732-0377.  I think this guy can repair almost anything.  Well one look at our "junk" inverter and lo and behold he had it running in 10 minutes.  I thank god I didn't be…