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Stuck in Beaufort, NC

November 16, 2018

We make it to Beaufort, NC and weather reports give us a great window to head south off the coast "but"!!! Yes, there is always a "but" when you are planning a trip on a boat

This but involves our inverter.  We have two and before departing Massachusetts we were told one of our inverters was "junk".    We could have postponed and replaced the "junk" inverter but decided to go with the second inverter.  As we traveled further south we realized the second inverter just wasn't doing it's job.  Constant care had to be given as to not drain our brand new batteries.

As luck would have it.  Yes,  we did have a little luck on our side.  We had met a mechanic on our trip south in 2016 that was amazingly talented. His name is Brooks Heyland  (252) 732-0377.  I think this guy can repair almost anything.  Well one look at our "junk" inverter and lo and behold he had it running in 10 minutes.  I thank god I didn't be…

I Hate the intercoastal!!!

November 13, 2018

Departing Waterside Marine for the dreaded Intercoastal.  I know many boaters enjoy the daily runs along this amazing waterway that spans over 3,000 miles along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts of the United States.  It runs from Boston, MA southward along the Atlantic Seaboard and around the southern tip of Florida, then it follows the Gulf Coast to Brownsville, Texas.  Sorry, but I was excited about my first leisurely trip back in 1984 on a 53 foot Hatteras.  My first trip was when I was 22 years old and I was accompanying my father-in-law on his first trip south.  We took our time stopping each evening in time for cocktails and dinner.  That first trip in 1984 took us 12 days.  I remember exactly how many days, something I will never forget.  I made that trip with him 6 times back and forth in the next 6 years.  It was a time that bounded us forever.  I was pregnant on my 3rd trip and was scolded for jumping down to the docks to handle the lines being 7 mont…

Goodbye New York

Early start today.  Finally have a good window for the trip to Norfolk.  It is an absolutely clear day with not much in terms of chop.  As we approach the shore off of Atlantic City we spot this strange barge headed North.

     Not sure what it is and the guesses from family and friends have been quite amusing.  What’s your guess???

      The sunsets once again and we keep our eyes on the radar and closely monitor all the workings of the Java.  There’s moonlight tonight giving us a little light off the ocean.

     Another sunrise and we are nearing Virginia.   Our ETA to Waterside Marina in Norfolk is 3:30pm.   Looking forward to putting my feet on solid ground and taking a walk before the sun goes down once again.

Heading South for the Winter

We started out from Fairhaven, Massachusetts on Wednesday November 8, 2018.  On our first day we were tossed around a bit with some waves of significant height.  Our Nordhavn 50 takes the seas we’ll so the day wasn’t too bad.  Ready to get out of the tossing and turning we headed into New London, Connecticut.  As it being off season we grabbed a mooring ball off the New London Waterfront Park.

Day 2:  An early start at 4 am brought us a new day with great weather conditions.  Wave height was nothing.  Smooth cruising all the way into New York by way of the East River.  The cruise up the East River is full of sights.  The wakes from all the travel can get you rocking and rolling and there is a lot of travel on the River all times of day.  From our boat we caught glimpses of The old hospital where Typhoid Mary was once housed along with many other patients with communicable diseases of the day.  Very spooking looking island.  As you approach the Robert Kennedy Bridge you get a perfect …