Goodbye New York

Sunrise as we depart the Narrows NYC

     Early start today.  Finally have a good window for the trip to Norfolk.  It is an absolutely clear day with not much in terms of chop.  As we approach the shore off of Atlantic City we spot this strange barge headed North.

     Not sure what it is and the guesses from family and friends have been quite amusing.  What’s your guess???

      The sunsets once again and we keep our eyes on the radar and closely monitor all the workings of the Java.  There’s moonlight tonight giving us a little light off the ocean.

     Another sunrise and we are nearing Virginia.   Our ETA to Waterside Marina in Norfolk is 3:30pm.   Looking forward to putting my feet on solid ground and taking a walk before the sun goes down once again.

Goodbye pretty Lady-Keep your light on for all your weary travelers.



  1. My guess would be the modular forward section for a Virginia Class submarine however, seems to small and I would think such a piece would already be onsite.

  2. Yes, I agree. The things you see out in the ocean!! Amazing journey.


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