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Finally Open Waters

November 18, 2018

We finally are on our last leg of our journey south!!! Departing Beaufort at 1600 hours. The weather forecast is for calm seas for the next three days. 
Our course gives us an ETA of 1400 hours to Fort Pierce Inlet.  We start our watch schedule with 3 of us taking 4 hour watches.  The first night was very uneventful but God  am I happy i’m Out on the wide open sea.  I love the feeling of cruising out there.  I read once :Consciousness is like a vast infinite ocean of peace and stillness that underlies everything in existence.  The feeling I get when I’m at watch and the vast ocean is around me astounds me.  It just gives you such a feeling of peacefulness.  The wide open sea reminds you of those who had sailed these seas for hundreds of years.  Just the enormity of what is in front of me.  I learned to love the sea early in my life.  My father passed his love of the sea onto me. He served in the Navy in World War 2 and though he n…