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Back in the water

We we’re finally launched again after all the Christmas festivities at home, the New Year and of course our granddaughter Lilly’s 7th Birthday!!  American Custom Yachts did all the work on the cracked housing the shaft and had the prop reconditioned.  Work that hadn’t been done in awhile if the logs are to be true.  If I had foresight I should have had the boat compounded but that will have to wait till.

We departed American Custom Yachts on the Saint Lucie River on Friday January 18, 2019.  The River does not have much of a depth so with full fuel tanks and a stocked boat we made sure we left just prior to high tide so that we could make it out the east end of the River into the crossroads and out the St. Lucie Inlet.  Which despite what I had read had plenty of water in it at a tad less than high tide.  With the speed or maybe lack of it the whole trip down and out of St. Lucie took us over 2 hours.

We headed south with thoughts of Key West dancing in our heads.  We had an amazing w…

Java ready for winter cruising

Well the repairs seem to be completed on the Java and our youngest is ready to embark on his first seaterm at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  While he will be traveling to the sounther part of the Caribbean we will venture first to Key West with a rendezvous planned in Miami with my son’s ship.

    All the provisions needed from home have been sent ahead to the boat.  Monday can’t come quick enough!!!!