Nordhavn Owners are the best!!

It seems that wherever we go we meet other Nordhvn Owner’s.  They have got to be the most friendly and hospitable group of people around. I myself love to brainstorm with someone who has more knowledge than I.  It is a great way to double check courses to your next destination if they have prior experience making that trip.  There is just an amazing amount of knowledge out there for Nordhavn Owner’s.  The google group is another excellent way to get what I may think is a dumb question I have answered.   I love to learn from those who have already done what I am planning!!

So with our next leg being a trip to the Exumas I have been racking the brain Of Captain Don from Mondai Nai.  They too will be heading that way and I look forward to seeing them over there. Fantastic couple I never would have met except for the fact that I also own a Nordhavn!!!


  1. Wish I could own a Nordhavn what great boats to own well, I can dream of winning the lottery.
    My only problem is they do not big entertaining spaces outside!!
    Kind regards


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