What else is there to do in Key West besides drinking???

I remember coming to Key West in my early 20’s .  No, I’m not going to say how many years ago that was!!! Back then I was on Duval Street everynight and spent each day sleeping it off by the pool or the beach.  Spending time in Key West now involves lots of healthy walking, swimming and the cleaning of the boat.  Yes, there are still the crazies that roam Duval Street and I’m sure they don’t feel great in the morning.

My days here start with an early trip to the Key West Fitness Center.  Great way to start my day and they have daily, weekly and monthly memberships available.  Then back to the boat to make breakfast for my husband.  As you can imagine there are endless projects of you live even part time on a boat.  I try to steer clear of my husbands daily project but he occasionally ropes me in.  When I help him out I consider myself a runner. As in runner I mean “Trish will you run and get me this, Trish will you run and get me that”.

I have a couple folding bikes on the Java so I’ve been doing some exploring on my two-wheeled wonder.  If you haven’t seen a fold up bike you’d be surprised at how small the wheels are.  Having small wheels means you need to peddle twice as much to get the same distance as a regular sized wheel.  I remind my self of the character Amelia Gulch in the Wizard of Oz.  If you don’t know who she is, she’s the lady that in Oz is the Wicked Witch of the West.  Just imagine her riding that bike with the dog in the front basket and the music playing.  Yes, that’s my peddling around Key West with my little basket on front and my legs going as fast as they can and not really getting there fast!!!

Another one of my favorite pastimes is people watching.  There is never a shortage of the in Key West.  Be it Duval Street, the Harbor Walk or Mallory Square there is always something or someone to see.  The docks are quiet at night and it’s so peaceful sitting up on the bridge and enjoying the sunset and amazing colors of the beginning of the night sky.

I had a lot of fun in Key West in my 20’s but at my age now I am enjoying all that Key West has to offer and really appreciating how blessed I am.
In case you were wondering: nothing happened on that sight!!

Only in Key West- A Floating Tiki Bar.

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View of Key West waterfront

Unbelievable sunsets!!

Old Banyan Trees abound

Little known history


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