A day in the life on the Java

City of Key West from the Air

So what do you do all day on the boat in Key West??? Well some days a lot gets done and other days are spent wasted in Margaritaville.  Not wasted in the over consumption of alcoholic beverages(well, maybe one or two) but just some days you just don’t do anything and that is acceptable when you live life on a boat.

Yesterday was the kind of day I dislike.  We have been trying to figure out the water maker on the Java.  We have never used it but we’re thinking of heading to the Bahamas and if you want to anchor in the beautiful waters off of the Exumas Islands you need to have some source to get water.  Water is scarce on the islands and they charge for it.  Some places charge 40-60 cents a gallon and that’s if you can find a place to fill your tanks up.  So we set our sights on getting the old boy running

High Pressure pump

If you have any experience with water makers then you are way ahead of me!!!  I went down into the lazarette to just see what went where and if I could follow the water onto the boat through the filters to the membranes and back through the water maker unit then out to wither the water tank or off board back onto the sea. Well that’s the route it’s supposed to take.  I was lucky I had the eyes and brain of Captain Don McCarty advising me on what was what and where things should be.  The system has been pickled for quite a few years so I know I’ll have to replace the filters and membranes but I wanted to see if it at least just ran.

I read the village marine manual front to back and back to front.  Never having seen one in action I traipsed over to Mondai Nai for a look at how a working water maker works.  Boy, my machine was missing quite a few hoses and had hoses that went nowhere.  Step in Capt. Don.  He went down into that hole and figured out which hose went where and which hoses just weren’t there.  I had ordered all the filters and membranes before we left Massachusetts but of course they sent all the wrong sized filters, membranes, etc. I tried to get all the parts just to get the machine running but on Key West and only 1 day to ship in parts made it impossible.  This is a job that we will have to tackle when we get home and have someone come in and make some new hoses up and replace the membranes, filters and with any other project on the. Pat there will be 10 other parts that we will have to replace or rebuild!! But it was quite a learning experience.   I can’t wait to get it running and don’t understand why the previous owners let it sit.  But that’s what we’ve found with a lot of systems on this boat.

which way do they go???
The Hurricane furnace heated was installed by the previous owner’s great idea if you plan on cruising in the cold weather but after spending a good month with a technician on and off the boat it still won’t stay on long enough to keep the boat warm.  In my opinion it’s a good reason to cruise only warm weather!!

So back to my day. I had to put the water maker on the back shelf seeing I didn’t have the required parts to get it running.  Annoying because when we ordered the parts the salesman seemed to know the boat and what replacement parts were needed.

Seeing that project (or non-project) couldn’t be completed I set my sights on a project I knew I could tackle, the laundry!!! Luckily we have a washer-dryer(on single machine) right on the Java. So with two people on board it’s pretty easy to keep up on laundry.  We are in a marina so no water worries today.  While the laundry is going I put in an order for groceries from Publix Grocery Store.  I foundan app for my phone that I can order groceries from Publix and they deliver right to the marina.  20 minutes later my groceries are delivered my laundry is done and it’s already 4:30 pm.  You know what that means in Key West, right??? Happy Hour!!! We love the Commodore.  Half priced beer and well drinks and half priced small plates.  For $20.00 you can get two drinks or beers and 3 small plates .  The small plates are quite filling so you know I’m  Not making dinner in those nights.

Back to the boat with a full stomach and a couple beers in my belly and it’s only 6:00 pm.  Tonight we are headed over to watch the sunset on the Mondai Nai, friends we met down here in Key West. That’s the best thing about Nordhavn owners, they are friendly and welcoming to other owners.  The sun sets late down here at the Southernmost Place in the USA.  We sit up on the bridge and enjoy great company, great conversation and the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.then it’s back down the dock to Java to watch a bit of TV then off to bed.  Of course there are those that would head downtown to enjoy the nightlife after the sunsets but I’ve seen my share of nightlife in my time and I find I really enjoy the peacefulness of the moon in the sky and the gentle rocking of the boat in my late evenings.  Tomorrow’s another day filled with another project and another sunrise, sunset and moon filled sky.


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