Where the beautiful people (boats) are.

All those vessels and the Ocean looks empty around me!!

This has been our plan since September ( well almost)!! With a child still in college we still have responsibilities at home.  Well on our case it’s a bit different.  We left Plymouth, MA on November 15, 2018.  Plans were to head directly to the keys find a safe place to leave the boat over Christmas then return once our youngest set off on his semester at sea at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  Obviously sea water flows through our veins as this is my 3rd son to choose a Maritime Academy over a traditional College.

But you know what they say about the best laid plans, right?  As from my previous posts you see that we ran into problems right after we left Plymouth.  The weather did not cooperate.  6-8 ft waves coming through Long Island Sound.  It’s amazing the difference between 6-8 ft waves in a Nordhavn and 6-8 ft. Waves in the old Hatteras Motor Yacht.  We also had to replace the alternator on the generator in Beaufort, NC holding us up waiting for the part.  Then as we neared Fort Pierce, FL the bilge pump light went on and never went off.  As from previous posts I have explained the repairs to the shaft and props at American Custom Yachts.  American Custom Yachts is a great place to haul out and have competent reasonably priced work done.  The yard is gated and has 24 hour security.  It is a bit up the St. Lucie River so I was very careful about the tides when arriving and departing.  We draw around the 6 ft. area(depending on whether the tanks are all full and what kind of load on the boat it does vary).  But I think that 6 feet gives me peace of mind and wouldn’t try to approach anything with less water. That little stop had us laid up till after Christmas.  Which gave us a safe dry place to leave the boat over the holidays.  Being home that long gave us the opportunity to see our youngest off to his ship that would bring him all over the Caribbean nd back to Miami on February 15, 2019.  A floating classroom!! If I knew then what I know now?? What experiences my children have had.

We finally had made it down to Key West and after only 3 weeks we were off again.  Going between 7-9 knots makes the trip to Miami a 15-16 hour trip ( depending on the direction of the wind).  We arrived off of Miami at 4 am and we watched as my son’s ship approached us.  AIS is great in that we could see how close his ship was getting in real time.  We had AIS installed on our boat last summer and I absolutely love all it does.  An added plus(?) is that our children can see where we are most of the time..

Miami was busy and there are so many people out walking and biking.  The beach was busy and quite entertaining.  We secured a spot at the Miami Beach Marina. I don’t know if I’d stay there again though.  It is located right inside Government cut.  There is constant traffic and the water can really build and send your boat rocking and rolling.  The docks are cement so not very forgiving if you aren’t tied correctly.  Also, the way the docks are set up it is difficult to get on and off the boat if you go stern in and just as difficult if you go bow in.  But we were lucky to even get a slip as it was the same weekend as the Miami boat show.

We spent an enjoyable weekend with our young mariner and another son came down to visit at the same time.  But we were back off to Key West after my son’s ship departed Miami.  He was headed home we were headed back out to our winter adventures.  Another 14 hour trip and we were back in Key West.  We arrived at 10:00 pm. Key west is an easy harbor to enter at night and soon we were docked, plugged in and In bed after a long day on the water..


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