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Time on the Hook

It was a hard decision but instead of heading to the Bahamas this year we decide to hang back and get some work done on the boat.  It’s always a work I progress if you ask me.  When the boat was hauled we thought we had everything in tip top shape but as we traveled down the coast from Boston to Key West we had a few problems with a couple systems.

First issue was our Village Watermaker.  We have owned the boat for 3 years and never used it.  We had ordered all the necessary parts but just never installed them or installed them.  So we had a new main filter and 3 membranes.  The major problem was neither of us had ever used a watermaker and had no idea how to set it up or how to use it.  Thank Gof for Captain Don McCarty. With his help I was able to get the necessary missing hoses that should be attached at the end of each membrane for the product water to flow into the tanks. I had to also replace the hose coming from the high pressure pump to the first membrane.  That had to be mad…