Time on the Hook

It was a hard decision but instead of heading to the Bahamas this year we decide to hang back and get some work done on the boat.  It’s always a work I progress if you ask me.  When the boat was hauled we thought we had everything in tip top shape but as we traveled down the coast from Boston to Key West we had a few problems with a couple systems.

A water maker is a necessity if you plan to travel on the Bahamas 
First issue was our Village Watermaker.  We have owned the boat for 3 years and never used it.  We had ordered all the necessary parts but just never installed them or installed them.  So we had a new main filter and 3 membranes.  The major problem was neither of us had ever used a watermaker and had no idea how to set it up or how to use it.  Thank Gof for Captain Don McCarty. With his help I was able to get the necessary missing hoses that should be attached at the end of each membrane for the product water to flow into the tanks. I had to also replace the hose coming from the high pressure pump to the first membrane.  That had to be made up by the people at NAPA.  They did it in a couple days and I was ready to try the system out.  With Don’s help we started the low pressure pumps d then the high pressure pump.  All seemed to be working great.  We flushed out all the antifreeze that was in the system from the previous owners.  Put in all new filters and ran it again.  After about 3 minutes we had water going into our tanks with a ppm or 300.  SUCCESS!!! You cannot believe how good it felt to have accomplished this almost on my own.  I as a woman am trying to learn everything about how this boat works and more importantly how to fix them.

Next we were having problems with the Davit. The   It was leaking oil.  Again with Capt Don I was able to find the leak.  Removed the old oil and put new oil in.  I’m sure this was not kept up by the previous owner.  Another accomplishment by this woman owner!!!

The previous owner had blocked all the seacocks that allowed you to pump overboard when I. Waters where it is allowed.  We had a pump installed on our last haulout but had never tried it.  We worked together follow the hoses and finally found the seacock that would allowed us to pump overboard(we have not yet used it but at least we know what we need to do when we are able to pump over Baird.  The great thing in the Keys is that they have Pump-out USA that will come around and pump you out for no charge. No need to be in a harbor they will come to you even when at anchor outside the harbors.

The next project will be our windlass but I will have to wait till we are at dock so as is I do have a problem I won’t be stuck somewhere with no ability to use the windlass.

We are enjoying the peaceful time we are spending while we sit at anchor on our slow travel up the Keys.  After 32 years of marriage it is probably the most time we have spent together. After raising 5 sons it is back to just Jim and I.  And we still enjoy spending time together!!!!

I have my little folding bike that I take in to  shore and run my errands.  Shopping, post office, etc. It’s amazing how many things you are capable of when the challenge is put in front of you.

So as we sit and enjoy another amazing sunset I sit and think of what I can do with my time tomorrow.


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