Time for new scenery!!

The great thing about traveling or living in a boat like a Nordhavn is you can just move it when you tire of the surroundings!!  No packing of bags, boxes and moving trucks.  Just make sure you are stocked with groceries, have full water tanks and of course a bit of fuel.  With a Nordhavn like ours we can travel at least 2700 miles on full fuel tanks so moving the boat has almost unlimited options!! It just may take one or more fuel stops.  Circumnavigation of this beautiful earth has been accomplished by many a Nordhavn.  That’s what they are made for.  Travel. Travel and more travel.

Today we can dream of that Atlantic Crossing but we are only headed 49.5 nautical miles up the chain of the Florida Keys.    No need to take on $4.00 a gallon diesel.  We filled up in Massachusetts when we departed in November and only used 700 gallons to make it to American Custom Yachts in Stuart.  We topped the tanks off there as the diesel was only$2.60- gallon.  Now like Dr Seuss the places we can go and the things we can see are far and near!! And possible for us on this beautiful vessel.

On travel days I like to leave before the sunrises no matter how far we plan on traveling that day.  A desire the Captain doesn’t agree on.  But we all know with a husband-wife ,captain-Admiral crew  team the Captain likes to have his things his way but the Admiral usually gets her way!!!!

We depart Key West at 5 am.  ETA to Marathon, Fl is 10:20 am according to the chart Plotter.  The problem with that ETA is it constantly changes with the speed of your vessel.  Of course with wide speed variations of a Nordhavn(7-8 knots) the time changes by 20-30 minutes with each fluctuation.  Yes, I am kidding about the speed variations of our Nordhavn.  It is either slow or slower but that’s why you purchase a boat like a Nordhavn. It literally sips fuel. Tiny little slips of diesel.  We usually burn 2-3 gph depending on the engines rpm’s.  Another 50 foot boat used by sport fisherman that was docked behind us in Key West burns 200 gallons an hour while traveling at the speed of 32 kph.  Sure, sometimes it would be great to get places a little faster but I love the fact the Java only burns very little fuel compared to a sport fish.  I’ll get to where I’m Going it’ll just give me more time to enjoy the scenery and know I have one of the sturdiest boats built around me.  We arrive at Boot Key at 11:00 am.  Speed varied between 6-9 knots.  It’s all about current, wave direction, etc.  more things that I have to learn about.  But i’m Learning everyday I learn something.  My mother always told me “you will learn something new every single day”.  She was right.


Java in Marathon Waters


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