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Believe it or Not We are Homesick

It is a beautiful sunny day in Marathon, FL.  All is peaceful and quiet.  Then we get a phone call. It's a FaceTime call from our youngest grandson, Nicholas.  Nicholas just loves his Papa.  Even  though he can't say many words he clearly can say Papa and Hello.  He grabs the phone every time  we speak with him.  But this call was different.  Nicholas has a twin, Alaina.   They are 2 years old.  This call made us think of how these little two loves are changing and we just wanted to  be there then and now!!      So after the phone call we started planning our trip back up the East Coast to our home port of New Bedford, MA.
     It was a very uneventful trip North.  We took the outside route until the weather started to look like it was going “south” so we headed in at Winyah Bay.   It is North of McClellanville SC so we missed a lot of the shallow area’s of the ICW. We had never tried this inlet but it is a large inlet and if we just wanted to tuck in for the night it wo…