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Time to hit the “Road”

It’s that time of year again.  The days are getting longer.  The weather is getting cooler.  Boats are slowly being hauled from the Marina and I don’t want to have to take my winter clothes out of storage.  The only answer is that it’s time to head South again on the Java.

     I’m still going through the tugging on my heart of leaving my grown children and my 10 grandchildren.  If I could take them all with me I would have no reservations about leaving but alas I will miss them so very much.  Once I get to Florida it will be better but in the meantime my heart is breaking.

     I am making shopping lists, dinner menus, switching some clothes on and off the boat.   The boat is out of the water getting some maintenance done.  Things we can’t do ourselves.  We have changed the oil, the filters, the impellers on all engines and the generator.  I have replaced my membranes on my water maker, rebuilt a few of the extra pumps I had laying around.  Had the whole boat compounded and wax…